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Word of the week: Cachavacha vs Cachivache

Cachavacha is a typical Rio de la Plata slang word meaning witch (see also, bruja).

This word is very popular in describing old ladies, in a friendly, childish way.

The number 10 of the Uruguayan national football team,  Diego Forlan, is usually called Cachavacha Forlan, because he looks as an old lady with long hair and pointy nose, as if he were a witch.

Cachivache is a completely different word: It means “a person who is a wreck, a mess.” It can also be applied to rusty, old objects, but it’s mostly used to describe people.

If you hear: “Roberto esta hecho un cachivache“, it means Roberto has turned into a mess, an abandoned person.

In local jail slang “cachivache” is a troublesome, controversial guy who is trying to make himself a reputation by fighting or bullying others, but usually messin’ around with the wrong people, which turns him into a “cachivache”, that is, just another cocky nobody with no respect for the rules of the game.

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