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San Telmo art walk returns

I’ve started up the  San Telmo Art Walks again and hope to conduct them twice a week starting next week. This week there will be an art walk on Friday. As always, at 2pm we first tour Art Factory Hostel, the city’s only permanent and every-changing gallery of street art and graffiti, visit all of San Telmo’s contemporary art galleries and end up looking at the graffiti in Parque Lezama. It’s a long tour but you have the option of only taking it half-way. We usually stop for a repast and a beer or two at La Poesia. Regardless, the art walks cost AR $25 pesos for Art Factory guests and AR $35 for those outside of the hostel.

Last week four cool gals from outside the hostel Googled “art walk Buenos Aires” and found the hostel’s blog. Alexander, a cool guy from Belgium, is staying at the hostel and ended up being the only person who walked with the whole tour. We had fun.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a great walk!

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