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San Telmo art walk, again!

I got a phone call Monday evening from Augustín in Art Factory’s reception. A couple of guests had been asking about art galleries in the neighborhood. A bit stumped, I guess, he just decided to call me. So, I organized an impromptu tour for Kim and Suzanne from Holland, and Helena from Barcelona.

They were a smart and engaged bunch and because of that we ended up taking a lot more time than I normally do at each gallery. I love  Wussmann Gallery because Paula takes us upstairs to view the gallery’s “back catalog” and more often than not, curator Cesar Menegazzo wanders out to chat. Try doing that in a New York gallery.

But, it was at  Zavaleta Lab, across the street from Wussmann, that we saw what we all agreed was the tour’s highlight: Paloma Zamorano’s lovely lightboxes.

Click here to read more and see more about this exhibition.

I’m giving another San Telmo Art Walk tomorrow. Please book in advance if you’d like to come.

The tour begins at 2 pm at Art Factory Hostel, Piedras 545 in San Telmo and costs AR $25 for Art Factory guests and students with ID.

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