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Kill you Barbie

Whenever my friends Lucia and Ceci get together for a performance piece at Art Factory Hostel, I expect food to fly.

Two years ago, during a hot New Year’s Eve on the terrace, they hurled spaghetti & tomato sauce at one another. Last time, hard-boiled eggs.

Last night watching their new performance, MATATUBARBIE, I was disappointed in the lack of food fights, but not in the overall thrust, intelligence and humor.

Especially the latter. My biggest laugh: The shrieks in unison of  BREEEENNNNDAAA! when her photo appeared on the screen.

While telling a friend of mine about the show and encouraging him to go, his eyes rolled into the back of his head at the mention of performance art. I understand that reaction but the gals take the piss out of the idea of performance art as much as they indulge in it.

This time around, audio/visual input played an important role, as you can see in the photos below. Eva Carrizo and director Cristian Scotton joined Ceci and Lucia in the mischief. They had a lot of fun and I did, too.

The troupe will reprise on Sunday night at Art Factory Hostel. The cost is AR $20 which includes a free glass of wine. Art Factory’s guests get in free.


By the way, the performance’s final images may well be the funniest. But only if you know Ozzy slang .

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