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Night Out: La Cigale

La Cigale

What is it?
A mixed bar/dance club, sort of, with deejays. Expats, locals and tourists. Mostly straight, with a few gay groups.

Where is it?
25 de Mayo 722, at Cordoba, in El Centro.

How is it?
Fun, loud, very social, and your best bet for clubbing on a Tuesday night in BA. Expensive-ish drinks but no cover charge, or entrada libre.

We had a French guy with us last night, a sweet and sexy, brown-skinned 30-year old from Cannes, and he told us that the name of this somewhat touristy but lively bar was taken from a district in Paris. I couldn’t find any corroboration for that, but I did find  this.

We arrived at La Cigale late, missing the 2-for-1 happy hour from 18-22, having sung hymns and odes for hours in honor of our departing hostel friend, Sassy Sally. She was looking to end her last day and night in BA on an up note, as in up-and-out-on-the dance-floor. She might have also been looking to kiss a boy or two, I couldn’t be sure, and would never judge.

The sidewalk outside the bar was full of expats and porteƱos smoking. Taxi drivers loafed against their cars and answered the questions of clueless tourists. Inside, it was so packed it was difficult to walk and it took a long time to get our rather pricey drinks: Flat, watery Heineken drafts for 15 pesos. They also serve Corona and Guiness in tiny bottles. Irish gal Martina told me that her Mai Thai was the worst she’d ever tasted.

The oddest thing about this bar, aside from the fact that the sexual orientation of the crowd kept getting more gay as the night progressed, was that the really interesting and energetic dance music mixed by live deejays — last night was supposed to be Noche Francesa; but in my ears, it could have been Greek — who worked the crowd really well, except that there really was no room to dance. What should have been the dance floor was filled with formica tables strewn with sopping wet sprigs of mint from the ubiquitous mojitos. Too bad, really, since, even my dangerously loose, inappropriate sandals, I would have liked to dance.

Two weird asides, my French friend was frisked in the toilet by three someones claiming to be undercover cops looking for cocaine. I worried that it was some sort of scam to rid him of his loose cash, but he apparently lost nothing. Also, I saw at least two very good-looking taxi boys wandering the bar together, one with strong indigenous features and wearing a tank top. Later they were hanging around outside looking for clients, I guess. I wouldn’t let that bother you. It’s the kind of thing that only I would notice, and the bar is mostly straight.

The big question, Would I go back?

Yes, but only with a group of people and some patience. After all, we got home as the sun was coming up. But that’s not all that unusual for either hostel life, or BA night life, in general.

Friday night is ElectroShock night, which sounds like fun.

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