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First impressions: Angel's disco


What is it?
A gay disco, with a handful of straight couples.
Where is it?
Viamonte 2168
Nearest subway station is Facultad de Medicina
How is it?
A little bit trashy, fun, cruisy, and inexpensive.
When is it?
Fridays and Saturdays only, from 1 am.
How much is it?
20 pesos entry fee, which includes 3 drinks. Small beers and well drinks are 5 pesos each, or around $1.50 USD.

I was taken to this 3-floor gay disco by a gay porteño and another nice gay guy from Chile, completely unsure of what to expect. They told me they loved the place, with big, genuine smiles and dreamy eyerolls, and that I would love it, too. I quickly understood why they love it, although, in some ways, it was like just about any other gay bar in the world: Cruisy, dark, loud.

In other ways, it was uniquely Argentinian. Meaning that talking with someone was easy, particularly while sitting around in the main bar, where the music was muted and the drunks congregate for a rest, or when gesturing across the bar, as I did, comparing tattoos with a lanky butch guy with black stars inked on his arms, or as putting my arms around the smiling suedehead in front of me on the dance floor — all of them seemed like the most natural things in the world to do. In that way, it reminded me of the easy sexuality of Bistro or Carol’s Speakeasy, in Chicago back in the day. They really don’t run gay bars like that anymore. Which is to say, I felt much less alienated that I would have in a similar gay bar in another part of the world.

Don’t mistake me, though. There were plenty of snooty, non-smiling youngsters, who clearly think their semen isn’t sticky. (Personally I preferred the company of the rent boys who chatted with me, the only foreigner in the bar, that I could see anyway.) But, in general, the vibe was good, expansive and welcoming, if not ostentatiously so. Angel’s also had the distinction of making me dance joyfully all night long without recognizing a single house-inflected, disco-influenced, electronic-filtered tune. The lower dance floor seemed a bit too retro for me: Playing the 80s and 90s Ameri-Euro nostalgia that infects every bar in BA at the moment.

The final question is: Will I go back? The answer is yes. As soon as my knees recover.

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