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Tip: Save all your centavos for the next bus ride

Money transportation tips:

If you spend any time at all in Buenos Aires, you’ll want to use the extensive bus system. It only takes coins and the driver has no change.

A typical bus ride will cost between .8 and 1 peso. A chart will be posted on the window just to the right of the machine where you buy your ticket. You won’t have to say anything to the driver unless you’re going a long way. Not likely.

Drop the coins into the receptacle on the top right of the clicking, clucking machine. Once you reach the ticket price, the machine will stop clicking and clucking and issue a little paper strip with your fare printed on it. It’s basically just a receipt since I have yet to see any officials checking tickets.

Hoard those coins. You’ll need them.

[Update: Since I published this, I've been told, and have in fact noticed, that BA has a shortage of coins. It's not as hard to get change here as it is in Czech Republic, for which you'll require a kidney or your first-born, but it can sometimes be an issue].

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