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First impressions: Crobar disco


What is it?
Popular dance bar and live performance club

Where is it?
Frak if I know. I got in a cab somewhere in Palermo and 15 minutes later piled out of it and into the bar through the VIP entrance. That’s the advantages of knowing someone who knows the PR guy. Thanks, Cecelia! Good luck trying to find the address on the Web site. Any BA cab driver is liable to know where it is.

How is it?
Loud, expensive (45 pesos for a mixed drink!) and more than a little snooty. For no good reason that I could see. If you don’t know someone, know someone who knows someone, you’ll be judged at the door whether or not you’re cool enough to get in. Consequently, there are a lot of nice-looking girls let in by the beefy, heterosexual bouncers.

The Argy live band playing the night we went were godawful, but then I hate competently played jangly guitar pop. The DJ set afterward was much better, playing 80s hits with gusto but not inventively. The dance floor was packed and I would have been in a foul mood if we hadn’t been in the VIP balcony, where my friends and I posed and sang at the top of our lungs to the B52s. As it was, with two tiny bottles of Heineken in two hands, I had a great time.

Until they started playing the Spin Doctors. “If you want to talk for hours…” That’s when they lost me.

When is it?
It’s common for BA bars to only be open certain nights of the week. It’s not clear from the Web site but it looks like Crobar is only open Fridays and Saturdays. But I’m not sure.

How much is it?
According to José, who minds reception at Art Factory, loves old-school punk and is a real cool kid with an old soul, entry to Crobar is 20 pesos. Which includes nothing. So there ya go. Most hostels sell or give away tickets so this is the best way to go, if you must go at all.

Like Crobar in Chicago, which had a well-attended gay Sunday night during which they played music I affectionately called music-to-slaughter-cattle-by, this venue and bar is very popular. It will probably be packed out any night it’s open.

Errata: The VIP balcony also has the best toilets and, at least when we were there, expensive female prostitutes. Just sayin.’

Have fun! I’m never going back.

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