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Eating out: Unico, in Palermo Hollywood

Cut to the chase: Best beef sandwich I’ve ever had in my life, period. None better in Chicago, New York, or anywhere else I’ve had one. Tender and big, grilled, pounded-flat beef loin, complimented with sliced roasted red peppers and an over-easy egg, and served on homemade bread, I was blown away with its flavor. At 6.43 USD, it’s an incredible bargain. The french fries, originally frozen, were only so-so and even worse than that after they got cold — I was eating outside and it’s still slightly brisk here in BA — and the only beers on offer weren’t Argentine — although that big ol’ cold Heineken was actually pretty tasty. Still, they fed me good.

Apparently, Unico is a big hetero pick-up place in the evenings. I was there for lunch and can’t comment on that. See this page, and the links therein, for more on that aspect of this Palermo mainstay. Another, considerably less-impressed take here. When I was there, it was older guys taking business lunch. I observed the same thing all up and down Fitz Roy today, as well.

Unico sits on the corner of Fitz Roy and Honduras in the barrio of Palermo Hollywood. I took Subtle D, the green subway line, to the Palermo stop. Walked down Santa Fe until I hit Fitz Roy, then took Fitz Roy to Honduras. Get a map.

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